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The Potential of Expanded Commercial Production

Learn more about how the expansion of the growing region for hybrid hazelnuts will create thousands of jobs and generate significant revenue.

Current Hazelnut Growing Area: Willamette Valley, Oregon

Currently, 99% of the U.S. hazelnut crop is produced in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. The Oregon crop represents between 3 5% of the world hazelnut crop. The average farm-gate value (net value of hazelnuts when they leave the farm after marketing cost) of the U.S. crop in the past three years was about $63 million, with a processed value of nearly $160 million. Unfortunately, currently available cultivars are mostly adapted to areas with a Mediterranean climate, which have moderate winters and summers.

Current US Hazelnut Growing Map

Orange area on map highlights the small Willamette Valley Region where hazelnuts are currently grown.

Hazelnut Production in the Willamette Valley
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Potential Commercial Hazelnut Growing Area (Zones 4 to 8)

With an increase in adaptation and disease resistance of new cultivars gives the United States the potential of becoming one of the world’s leading, sustainable hazelnut producers. Expanding the growing region will create thousands of jobs and millions of dollars. Besides commercial nut production, homeowners, organic farmers, and gardeners would be able to grow and enjoy locally grown, tasty crops of high-quality hazelnuts, which was never before possible.

Potential National Hazelnut Production
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