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Oregon State University

Oregon State University has been conducting research on hazelnuts since 1969. This research has focused on the development of new hazelnut cultivars for the Oregon hazelnut industry, eastern filbert blight resistance, microsatellite marker development, and DNA markers for eastern filbert blight resistance. Part of this work includes wide germplasm exploration and collection to increase the world’s largest hazelnut germplasm collection. In addition to research Oregon State University provides significant extension and outreach to the Oregon Hazelnut Growers, Scientific Committee of International Congresses on Hazelnuts, and Northern Nut Growers.

Research in a Nutshell
Watch a summary of the progress Oregon State is making in the hazelnut industry.

Key Findings

  • Jefferson hazelnut 2009.
  • Eta hazelnut pollinizer 2009.
  • Theta hazelnut pollinizer 2009
  • Red Dragon ornamental hazelnut (redleaf contorted) (Plant Patent Applied For)
  • Yamhill hazelnut 2008
  • Sacajawea hazelnut 2006
  • Santiam hazelnut 2005
  • Gamma hazelnut pollinizer 2002
  • Delta hazelnut pollinizer 2002
  • Epsilon hazelnut pollinizer 2002
  • Zeta hazelnut pollinizer 2002
  • Rosita ornamental hazelnut (redleaf)
  • Clark hazelnut 1999
  • Lewis hazelnut 1997
  • Four hazelnut pollinizers 1990 (VR 4-31, VR 11-27, VR 20-11 & VR 23-18)
  • Willamette hazelnut 1990

Key Personnel

Dr. Shawn A. Mehlenbacher: Lead Hazelnut Researcher/Professor: View CV.

Research Papers

  • Gökirmak, T., S.A. Mehlenbacher and N.V. Bassil. 2007. Characterization of European hazelnut (Corylus avellana) cultivars using SSR markers. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 131: (in preparation)
  • Mehlenbacher, S.A., A.N. Azarenko, D.C. Smith and R.L. McCluskey. 2007. Santiam Hazelnut. HortScience 42: (submitted)
  • Mehlenbacher, S.A. 2007. Hazelnut. In: J. Janick (ed.). Encyclopedia of temperate fruit and nut crops. CABI (in press).
  • Mehlenbacher, S.A., R.N. Brown, E.R. Nouhra, T. Gokirmak, N.V. Bassil and T.L. Kubisiak. 2006. A genetic linkage map for hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) based on RAPD and SSR markers. Genome 49:122-133.
  • Lunde, C.F., S.A. Mehlenbacher and D.C. Smith. 2006. Segregation for resistance to eastern filbert blight in progeny of Zimmerman hazelnut. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 131:731-737.

See all publications & research papers from Oregon State University.

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