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Locating Wild Hazelnuts in Your Area

The Hybrid Hazelnut Consortium is looking to expand our collection of Corylus Americana, American hazelnuts. Help us increase the genetic diversity of our breeding pool by locating wild American Hazelnuts in your area.

Hazelnuts on Ground

What to Do Once You Have Identified an American Hazelnut

If you think you have identified an American hazelnut, let us know by contacting the Consortium.

After reviewing your information, we will contact you and let you know if we would like a sample of your wild hazelnut and the proper procedures to follow.

Contact the Consortium

Eastern Filbert Blight Resistant Hazelnuts

How to Find American Hazelnuts

Native American Hazelnuts are found though out the Midwest, East, and Southeast of the United States and Canada. Please refer to the map below, and discover if you might have American hazelnuts growing in your state.

What American Hazelnuts Look Like

Native Range of American Hazelnuts
Native range of American hazelnuts.

Key Identifying Features of the American Hazelnut

  • Heart Shape Leaves
  • Leaf paler on back than front
  • Involucre (leafy bract)
  • (involucre.bmp)
  • 8 to 15 Feet tall shrub
  • Hazelnut Nut
  • Catkins

American hazelnut or American filbert is native to most of the Eastern part of the United States (see above). Here are a few pictures of what a typical hazelnut looks like.

American Hazelnut Leaf
Leaves alternate, heart shape. Oval, 8-12 cm long and 4.5-8 cm wide, doubly serrate, tip pointed (acute or acuminate); back of leaf paler, round involucres.
American Hazelnut Sucker
Deciduous shrub, 8-15 ft (2.5-4.5 m) tall, suckers from roots and therefore wide spreading, width of 5-10 ft (1.5-3 m) or more, rounded.
American Hazelnut Nut
Nut: Brown color globe like with a smooth exterior.
American Hazelnut Catkin
Male catkins, appear before leaves 5 to 8 cm hang from shrub.
American Hazelnut Flower
Female flowers arise from axillary buds before leaves appear, 6-12 flower/bud, red stigma.