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The Future of Sustainable Energy: Hybrid Hazelnut Oil

The Consortium’s preliminary data on hazelnut oil reveals that opportunities exist for hazelnuts in the area of sustainable energy.

The Hazelnut Consortium has done initial research on using hazelnut oil for bioenergy. The results in this research are promising. With our goal of expanding the hazelnut-growing area this offers farmers the farmers to expand into another market.

Characteristics of the Oil Soybean Oil Hybrid Hazelnut Oil
Crude oil fat (%) ~20 51.4–75.1
Fatty acid composition (%)
C16:0 11.4 4.5–5.9
C18:0 4.2 0.5–2.8
C18:1 24.7 68.8–78.6
C18:2 52.1 14.2–23.3
C18:3 7.6 0.1–0.2
Iodine value (g iodine absorbed/100 g sample) 130.4 90.6–97.4
Oxidative onset temperature (°C) 148.4 184.7–190.4
Cloud point (°C) -9.9 -27.3
Kinematic viscosity at 22°C (mm2/s) 58.9±3.3 65.7±2.2

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