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The Arbor Day Foundation’s Role in the Hazelnut Consortium

2007 Arbor Day Foundation Active Hazelnut Members

The Arbor Day Foundation began the Hazelnut Research Project in 1996 with plantings of hybrid hazelnuts at Arbor Day Farm. By 2000 the project evolved to include charter members across the nation conducting research on hazelnuts in their own backyards and has nearly reached 100,000 active members.

Key Findings

  • Best Practices and methods for growing hazelnuts from seeds.
  • Hybrids Hazelnuts can thrive in Nebraska as a dryland crop.
  • Arbor Day Farm Hybrids grow best in zones 4 to 8.

Key Personnel

  • Doug Farrar: Vice-President Arbor Day Farm, Hazelnut Consortium Board of Representatives
  • Dan Lambe: Vice-President Programs