Jesse Lohrke


Eugene, Oregon

Trees Make a Neighborhood More Desirable

Living next to a rail yard can make it difficult to create a neighborhood feel and put area residents at ease. In Eugene's 'Trainsong,' a three-quarter-mile strip of trees is changing all of that. Approximately 120 cedars, sequoias and a variety of hardwood species have been planted on a 20-foot easement donated by Union Pacific Railroad.

The area is between a walking and bicycling trail and the rail yard. It is quickly changing both the physical view and the social perception for residents and visitors alike.

"People drive down our street with a new feeling about the neighborhood," says area resident Jesse Lohrke. Jesse volunteered to help plant the trees that were provided by the nonprofit organization, 'Friends of Trees' (formerly Eugene Tree Foundation) and the City of Eugene.

"The trees are a great buffer between our homes and the rail yard," says Jesse. "They make a big difference in how people perceive Trainsong." The buffer will also screen dust and dampen noise from the switching yard, furthering the desirability of the neighborhood.

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Trees make a big difference in how people perceive Trainsong.

Jesse Lohrke


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