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Portland, Oregon

Shade from Trees Encourages Walking

Huge maple and oak trees line the streets of Jeff Kisseloff's Portland neighborhood. Interspersed here and there are young ones, recently planted by Portland's non-profit Friends of Trees. Throughout the area, Friends of Trees works with City of Portland agencies to use trees for storm water management and energy conservation, as well as to encourage walking and recreating outdoors.

Volunteers identify open spaces in target neighborhoods, invite input from homeowners about preferred species, organize the project and plant the trees. Portland city officials play an active role in identifying high-need planting sites and providing resources to move the projects along.

Jeff says it can be as much as ten degrees cooler on streets with trees. "It's a pleasure to spend time outside when it's this cool, even in August," he says. "I avoid blocks without trees."

Were it not for the critical support of the City of Portland and Friends of Trees, Jeff would not have the same pleasant outside experience in his neighborhood. "Trees give this city a small-town feel," Jeff says. "It's friendly, green and healthy."

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I avoid blocks without trees.

Jeff Kisseloff


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