Barrie Schuster Barrie Schuster

Real estate agent and homeowner

Reno, Nevada

Trees Help Make Neighborhood Safe

"Eight and a half years ago when I moved to West of Wells (Neighborhood), it was a 'slum' where you'd be mugged if you parked and walked down the street.

Now homeowners are fixing up their homes and yards, and new families are moving in to the neighborhood where they fix up old Victorian homes and raise their families," says Barrie Schuster.

This renaissance is due to a number of factors, but tree planting by a grassroots neighborhood organization, Roots for Wells, has played a major role. The goal of this group is to bring residents together for cleanup, property enhancement and tree planting.

To date, 150 trees have been planted along their streets and more are planned. Barrie says, "Trees have made a big impact through beautification, but the greatest impact has come from home owners meeting each other and working together."

The annual tree planting is funded by a community pride grant from the neighborhood advisory board with technical assistance from the City of Reno Parks and Urban Forestry Division. But it is the residents, like Barrie Schuster, that are making this effort a success at bringing good people together and reclaiming their neighborhood from crime.

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Our neighborhood was awarded a National Sheriff's Association Award for reducing 31 percent.

Barrie Schuster


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