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Minster, Ohio

Trees Reduce Flooding

For years, Paul Albers and his neighbors in the Village of Minister, Ohio, would experience basement flooding in their Fourth Street businesses during heavy rain storms. When it came time to overhaul four blocks of the neighborhood, several city departments worked with the village shade tree commission to find out how trees could reduce these incidents.

The ultimate redevelopment project included water and sewer lines, pavement, sidewalks and trees. Recognizing that urban forests can slow and retain stormwater, dozens of trees were planted as part of the project, and Silva Cell technology and curb design were used to provide growing space for roots and a method of holding some water on site.

"The storm water system along Fourth Street directs water to tree roots which helps clean the water before it gets to the water table," Paul says. "Stormwater surface runoff is now lower during heavy rains because of the trees."

The results of this project are providing environmental, economic and social benefits, as well as making the mixed-use neighborhood more attractive and walkable. A win-win project like this would not be possible were it not for the recognition of the value of trees and cooperation with the local shade tree commission. "I feel the trees along Fourth Street add natural beauty as well as environmental benefits," Paul adds.

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Stormwater surface runoff is now lower during heavy rains because of the trees.

Paul Albers


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