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Guthrie, Oklahoma

Trees Help Change Devastation into Attraction

All too often Guthrie, Oklahoma has been in the news because of devastating tornadoes and ice storms. But as visitors pass the city's gateway from the Interstate off ramp, the first thing they notice are beautiful trees and new landscaping.

This project, funded by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture's Forestry Division, not only presents an initial impression of the city, it also helped inspire wider planting efforts throughout the community.

According to resident Betsy Randolph, "Businesses like that and they want to get involved in supporting our trees." She also notes, "The value of our homes increases because of our trees." Her opinions reflect the wide-spread support for trees in Guthrie. Following storms that have taken their toll on the community's mature trees, grant dollars and educational support from the Forestry Division, along with community support and help from the Guthrie Forestry Advisory Board, has enabled replacement planting of street trees.

Home owners, too, have benefited from the grants and demand has been great for tree adoptions to help with the care. Quick response to storm damage and the aggressive planting program has attracted new residents that are helping Guthrie grow. They appreciate the trees and recognize their importance to the community. Without the support of the Forestry Division and the hard work of the local advisory board, Guthrie might be known only for natural disasters and not for its trees and economic prosperity.

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More people are moving here and our town is growing. I think it's because of our trees.

Betsy Randolph


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