John Amon John Amon

Business Owner

Charlotte, North Carolina

Trees Revitalize a Mixed-Use Neighborhood

John Amon has fond memories of his grandfather’s house on Charlotte’s Seigle Avenue. His family also located its business on this mixed-use street in 1958. “I’ve been here all my life,” says John. “It once was very nice, but it deteriorated. Now it is going back the right way.”

A mile-long revitalization project made the difference. The street was narrowed, bicycle lanes were added and trees were planted. “The project reflects the city’s commitment to improving urban quality of life and public safety,” according to the project’s key contractor. John agrees. “It has made it a much more pleasant place. The trees really add to the sense of neighborhood. In fact, they inspired me to put in flowers and make the front of my business quite pretty.” In short, Seigle Avenue is now more bicycle-friendly and has much greater appeal to pedestrians. It has increased property values and is a place with a welcoming feel that has helped pull the neighborhood together.

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I see my neighbors spending more time outside and it’s making our business feel better connected.

John Amon


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