Eric Wallace Eric Wallace

Owner of Left Hand Brewing

Longmont, Colorado

Trees Draw People to Small Business

Eric Wallace’s Left Hand Brewing Company celebrated its 20th year in business in 2013. Around the same time Longmont, Colorado’s tree-lined greenway began its third decade of gradual expansion in an overlooked industrial part of town.

The Greenway runs along the St.Vrain River and connects directly to Eric’s business. “We regularly see many skaters, cyclists, walkers and joggers stop by our tasting room,” Eric says. “The brewery is defined in part by the large locust trees and now newly-planted locust trees.” With funds from the City of Longmont’s forestry and parks budgets, hundreds of native species have been planted along the trail and invasive vegetation has been rooted out. At the same time, Eric has planted trees to shade his parking lot, helping to make the area more customer and people friendly. Were it not for support from the city’s forestry and parks divisions, fewer people would enjoy recreation in the area and patronize Eric’s business. “The area around the brewery wouldn’t be as vibrant without the trees,” Eric says. “It is great to sit in the shade here with your friends and colleagues after work on a sunny afternoon.”

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The area wouldn’t be as vibrant without the trees.”

Eric Wallace


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