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The Kamas Valley, Utah

Trees Engage Residents to Improve Their Communities

Don Kerr lives in the Kamas Valley of northern Utah. Situated at 6,700 feet above sea level, "it's tough on trees but they are important," says Don.

The harsh climate does not deter Don and his Lions Club from spearheading the planting of shade trees throughout the valley. It began with 12 trees at rodeo grounds that were being converted into a city park. Now, grants from the Utah Urban and Community Forestry Program administered by TreeUtah have allowed Don and the Lions Club to engage Scouts and other volunteer groups in annual planting projects. Rocky Mountain Power has helped with additional funding and local mills have provided mulch and volunteer hours.

Hundreds of trees have been planted in city parks, school playgrounds, street rights-of-way and even rodeo grounds. "Rodeo is a big deal up here and people take care of their rodeo grounds," says Don. He adds that in the community of Oakley, "the grounds aren't just for rodeo. There's a skate park, playground, soccer and baseball fields, too."

Trees in the valley's towns provide shade and a welcoming feeling to visitors. Thanks to the Lions Club State Forestry, and its cooperators, the new trees are providing an opportunity for both the engagement of their residents and the improvement of their communities.

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People take care of their grounds.

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