Elaine Dalcher Elaine Dalcher

Self-employed artist

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Trees Attract New Residents

Trees were scarce in Elaine Dalcher's Grand Rapids neighborhood until several large caliper trees were planted in vacant spots where older ones had been removed.

"There was only one tree on my side of the street," says Elaine, an artist who works from home. "Now when I look out I can see eight trees. It is gorgeous. In the fall, they glow with brilliant gold and orange."

As a result of the new trees, noise from a busy nearby avenue is down, adding to the quality of life in the neighborhood, according to Elaine.

"The trees have made a huge difference, including economically," Elaine says, pointing to the increased desirability of the area. "Now people are moving in."

A grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and help from a local foundation and the Council of Neighborhoods made the project possible. The work in Grand Rapids is a ten-year project. Plans are now underway to plant in other tree-scarce neighborhoods to make them cooler, quieter and more comfortable places to live, just as trees have already done for Elaine's area.

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The trees have made a huge difference, including economically. Now people are moving in.

Elaine Dalcher


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