Doug Roberts Doug Roberts

Insurance Salesman

Sacramento, California

Trees Reduce High Energy Bills

Sacramento, near the Northern end of California's Central Valley, is known for its hot and dry summers. As resident Doug Roberts put it: "cooling is a major thing here."

Like his neighbors, Doug was looking for ways to get through those hot summer days on his own property. He got in touch with the Sacramento Tree Foundation, which offers free trees through a partnership with the area's utility provider.

Launched in 1982, the Sacramento Tree Foundation is spearheading local efforts to plant five million trees and reduce energy consumption in the region. The Foundation works closely with city officials in Sacramento, who have made leadership in urban forest management a priority.

Were it not for the City of Sacramento's professional and well-funded system for tree care, the Foundation would not have been able to offer residents like Doug such an opportunity.

With help from a Foundation arborist, Doug planted three valley oaks alongside his house and crape myrtles on the median strip of his street, reducing the heat island effect of hot pavement. "This is a fabulous deal," Doug said, adding that the trees are saving him hundreds of dollars a year. "Trees do a lot of good."

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This is a fabulous deal. Trees do a lot of good.

Doug Roberts


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