Michael Giudici Dr. Michael Giudici


Devenport, Iowa

Trees Bring Families Outdoors

When Dr. Michael Giudici moved into his newly developed Davenport neighborhood in 1991, it was pretty apparent that something was missing – trees. Michael took the initiative to organize his neighbors to plant trees.

Soon, 40 young trees were in the ground, shading Michael's block and his neighbor's yards on hot summer days and inviting people to spend more time outdoors.

"Our neighborhood has more pedestrian traffic than any other in the area because of our trees," Michael says. "Runners, walkers, families with strollers, dog-walkers and kids on bikes use our street and sidewalks because it is always cooler and shadier here in the summer."

The city of Davenport's Forestry Division contributes to the tree planting and care, part of a citywide effort that included planting more than 800 new trees and pruning more than 500 each year. Many of the projects are aimed at improving the city's storm water management system and increasing shade over parking lots.

The new trees are resulting in healthier trees and healthier residents, as Michael has seen firsthand. "Trees bring out the 'neighbor' in neighborhood," he says.

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Trees bring out the ‘neighbor’ in neighborhood.

Dr. Michael Giudici


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