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Kansas City, Missouri

Trees Revitalize Former Warehouse District

Dominique Davison's office is in the mixed-use Crossroads neighborhood of Kansas City, an area almost devoid of trees – and people – several years ago.

Then the Heartland Tree Alliance,Bridging the Gap, the city's Public Works Department, and its Parks and Recreation Department cut concrete for tree pits, prepared planting sites and added green to a landscape that hadn't seen trees in decades.

Dominique is pleased with the difference. "There is almost no better benefit you can find than urban trees," she says. "Trees make you want to walk down the street and be outside." This is especially important in the Crossroads, a historic section of Kansas City adjacent to the old Municipal Stadium. Formerly a manufacturing hub, the area is now home to many new businesses, offices and residences.

Dominique sees the greening effort helping "to grow the community to be an even more vibrant place." Were it not for city support, the area would remain bereft of green space, inhibiting economic development.

"Street trees and pocket parks contribute immensely to making any business district a great place to work, shop, live and play," she says.

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There is almost no better benefit you can find than urban trees.

Dominique Davison


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