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Share Your Urban Forestry Story

James Settle of Roanoke, Virginia

Across America, trees are working every day to improve the environment in our cities and towns. They clean our air and water, reduce energy use in our homes, increase property values and shade our streets. They also offer shelter to local wildlife and provide a sense of pride in our community. But beyond all of this, community trees have meaning to us on a personal level.

So what’s your story? Take a moment to share how you’ve been positively affected by a community tree project.

When submitting your own urban forestry story, consider including information like:

  • Details of the community tree project that occurred in your neighborhood or community.
  • The key benefit(s) the project provided. (energy savings, beautification, nature conservation, etc.)
  • Your involvement in the project.
  • The impact this project had on you.

Share Your Story

10 digits with dashes. Optional.

The Faces of Urban Forestry project is an initiative of the Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service