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Northern Alabama Tree Recovery

Help rebuild the lives and communities of storm-weary people like those in Alabama.

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When more than 100 tornadoes pummeled communities in Alabama in April 2011, citizens were displaced and devastated by the overwhelming destruction. Through the Northern Alabama Tree Recovery campaign, people across America are answering the call to help replant trees and restore natural beauty to the afflicted areas.

On April 25, 2011, deadly tornadoes began to ravage the Southern, Midwestern and Northeastern United States. The destructive storms continued through April 28, making this tornado outbreak one of the largest and deadliest ever recorded. Northern Alabama was one of the hardest-hit areas, with numerous communities leveled by the storms.

The Northern Alabama Tree Recovery campaign was formed as a joint effort between the Alabama Forestry Commission and the Arbor Day Foundation. The goals of the campaign were to replace trees lost due to the April 2011 tornadoes and to provide citizens with a way to participate in the recovery of Northern Alabama’s urban forest through donations and volunteer service.

In February 2012 and 2013, the first and second phases of the Northern Alabama Tree Recovery campaign were launched, bringing 60,000 trees to the people of 34 Alabama communities. The third and final phase of this campaign launched in February 2014, when a final 25,000 seedling trees of four different varieties were distributed to 18 new communities in need.

Thanks to an outpouring of support for the Northern Alabama Tree Recovery campaign, the Arbor Day Foundation and its partners have been able to distribute 85,000 trees to 52 Alabama communities.


Environmental and Societal Impact of 85,000 Trees Over 40 Years info

  • Cooling Savings (kWh) = $22,825,333
  • Heating Savings (kBtu) = $5,462,666
  • Net Energy Savings (kBtu) = $28,288,000
  • Net Carbon Dioxide Reductions = 323,566 tons
  • Air Pollution Reductions = 1,666 tons
  • Hydrology (Rainfall Inception) Increase = 4,301,000,000 gallons

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Community Tree Recovery is an initiative of the Arbor Day Foundation nationally sponsored by FedEx. The Northern Alabama Tree Recovery campaign is in partnership with the Alabama Forest Commission.