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Community Tree Recovery

Lost Pines Forest Recovery

Help replant after natural disasters across the country, providing hope and healing for those left in the aftermath.

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On September 4th, 2011, devastating wildfires raged through Central Texas, scorching the Lost Pines Forest of Bastrop, TX. The fires destroyed over 32,000 acres of land, 96% of Bastrop State Park, and over 1,600 homes—making it the single most destructive wildfire in Texas’ history. As area residents surveyed the damage at their feet, the Arbor Day Foundation pledged to help restore the beauty the majestic loblolly pines brought to this central Texas area.

info  Donations are no longer needed for this specific campaign, but you can donate to the General Community Tree Recovery Fund to bring life back to other disaster-stricken communities where the need remains.

The Lost Pines Forest Recovery Campaign was a multi-year, public-private partnership between the Arbor Day Foundation, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the Texas Forest Service. It restored the pine trees lost in these devastating wildfires, fulfilling the plan to replant more than 4 million new loblolly pine trees on public and private lands in Bastrop by 2016.

The newly planted loblolly pine trees will serve a critical role in the history and environmental sustainability of the state and region and will be restored to be enjoyed by present and future generations.


Environmental and Societal Impact of 3,270,000 Trees Over 40 Years info

  • Cooling Savings (kWh) = $1,209,675,187
  • Heating Savings (kBtu) = $163,349,850
  • Net Energy Savings (kBtu) = $1,367,738,715
  • Net Carbon Dioxide Reductions = 16,304,518 tons
  • Hydrology (Rainfall Inception) Increase = 508,550,400,000 gallons

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Community Tree Recovery is an initiative of the Arbor Day Foundation nationally sponsored by FedEx. The Lost Pines Forest Recovery campaign is in partnership with the Lost Pines Recovery Team, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Texas A&M Forest Service.