Celebrating 10 Years

of Impact

Since 2011, with the help of over 120 partners, we have distributed more than 450,000 trees to households nationwide. Join us in celebrating this incredible milestone!

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Trees Make Saving Simple

  • A tree planted for shade or windbreak results in lower utility bills every month.
  • Well-placed trees can reduce consumer energy use by 20%.

Trees Make Water Clean

  • Cement keeps rainwater above ground. Trees filter water as they soak it down.
  • Trees prevent stormwater runoff and the transport of chemicals into streams and drinking water.

Trees Make Air Fresh

  • One Tree can absorb up to 48 pounds of carbon dioxide every year.
  • One large tree can provide clean oxygen for up to four people.

Trees Make Communities Cool

  • An urban tree canopy can reduce city temps by 10 degrees.
  • Summers bring hot sun. Trees bring cool shade.

Trees Make People Happy

  • Park users report lower levels of anxiety and sadness after visiting parks.
  • Studies have shown that children and youth living in greener neighborhoods are calmer and healthier.

What is Community Canopy?

Community Canopy — a program of the Arbor Day Foundation — is designed to offer companies, cities, states, and nonprofit organizations a turnkey approach to providing trees to customers, employees, or their community.

Community Canopy provides both the mechanism and the strategy for offering a sustainable program to your audience that has the ability to impact energy conservation, water management, air quality, and carbon sequestration. Our program provides your audience with trees and education, ensuring they plant the right tree in the right place. Trees are reserved through an online mapping tool that takes the guesswork out of where to plant the tree on a specific property. Each participant will use our software interface to identify the ideal planting location that will help maximize the air, water, energy, and carbon benefits of their tree.

The benefits of the Community Canopy program are numerous. When you partner with the Arbor Day Foundation, we’ll implement a program that leads to constructive community engagement, positive media attention, environmental impact, and public awareness for the work you are doing within the communities you live and serve. The Arbor Day Foundation works with you from start to finish — from audience outreach to tree delivery, creating an all-inclusive, turnkey partnership.

We look forward to showing you the Community Canopy tool and customizing a program that fits your goals and objectives. Together we will create happy participants and healthier communities while growing the urban canopy to impact our air and water quality.

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