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As the primary applicant, you must:

  • Have a vested interest in the success of the project and local connection to the community.
    • Preference will be given to applicants based in the community where the project is taking place.
    • NOTE: If the primary applicant is not the municipality, a letter of participation must come from the municipality stating their approval of the project and your ownership of its execution and long-term investment in the community.
  • Meet the grant eligibility criteria.

To complete this application, you will need:

  • A general description of the project taking place, including the educational opportunities, project location, partners, proposed budget, timeline, and methods for measuring success.
  • A street address for the proposed project.

    NOTE: To be eligible for this grant, your project must take place within Bank of America’s footprint in the United States, with priority being given to projects in areas that primarily serve low- to moderate-income residents or take place in equity-seeking communities.

    To identify the LMI status of your project, visit the FFIEC Geocoding/Mapping System. (Type in the exact address with city, state, and zip code then search. When the info comes up on the left, select Census Demographic Data. Look for the Tract Income Level. If your project serves an area that says Low or Moderate, it falls within this parameter.)
  • Letter(s) of participation from any main project partners that will be collaborating to complete the project.
    • For your convenience, template language has been provided, or feel free to create your own. Your application will NOT be considered complete until this letter is submitted.

If you are selected to receive a grant, your community will be expected to:

  • Sign and return Grant Agreement and W9 by April 30, 2021.
  • Attend 1-2 planning calls throughout the course of the grant cycle.
  • Complete the proposed project by November 30, 2021.
  • Submit a final accomplishment report by December 10, 2021. Exceptions to the reporting deadline may be granted at the discretion of Bank of America and the Arbor Day Foundation.
  • Hold a community engagement event, which includes both community and Bank of America representatives. This event can take place anytime during the grant cycle, but the selected date must be communicated to the Arbor Day Foundation at least 8-10 weeks prior to the event taking place.
  • Provide opportunities over the course of the project for local Bank of America employees to be engaged as volunteers.

The 2021 Grant Application timeframe is now closed.

Bank of America’s Community Resilience Grant is a Bank of America
program administered by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Questions? Contact the grants administrator at .

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