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Award for Excellence in Volunteer Management

This award is presented to a community, group, or organization for their outstanding efforts to mobilize and engage volunteers in tree planting and care within a community.


  • Organization, group, or community
  • Volunteer efforts must be related to tree planting and care


  • Coordination of the volunteer efforts compliment the broader, strategic forestry efforts
  • Volunteer efforts mobilize and engage multiple audiences
  • Emphasis on sustainable projects as opposed to one time efforts
  • Stimulates interest in the tree planting and care within the community
  • Innovative model for others

Award Application (Or download the PDF application and mail it to us here.)

We will only use your email to communicate with you about this nomination. Privacy Policy.

Describe in detail the answers to the questions below:

  • How many volunteers participated in this event?
  • Describe in detail your volunteers; include (ages, backgrounds, affiliations, location)
  • Describe in detail the project that the volunteers worked on; include (background on the project, how the project was organized, how the volunteers were recruited, other organizations that participated and their role, work done during the project, number of hours to complete the project, any post project work)
  • How did this volunteer project help advance or promote the community forestry efforts for the area?
  • Describe how this project was a sustainable project rather than a onetime effort.
  • Has interest or participation in other tree planting and care volunteer opportunities grown since this project?