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Excellence in Partnership Award

This award is presented for the innovative, strategic, and/or pioneering collaborative efforts of organizations to advance forestry efforts on a local, state, national, or international level.


  • Partnering organizations may be private, public, or a combination of the two
  • Partnership must have taken place over the past five years


  • Partnership is building sustainable, long lasting program(s)
  • Partnership work does not need to be complete but must be substantially along in the process
  • Model of collaborative innovation
  • Would project have been attempted if the partnership didn’t exist?

Award Application (Or download the PDF application and mail it to us here.)

We will only use your email to communicate with you about this nomination. Privacy Policy.

Describe in detail the questions below:

  • Please list all the organizations that were involved in this partnership.
  • When did partnership begin?
  • Has the partnership ended?
  • If yes, please list when the partnership ended.
  • What was the need for the partnership?
  • Please describe the partnership, be sure to include: who the target is, who is participating, and how the program works.
  • What results have come about due to this partnership?
  • What if any are the future plans for this partnership?