Arbor Day Awards

Arbor Day Celebration Award

2009 winner The City of Minneapolis, MN

This award honors Arbor Day celebrations that best represent the spirit of the tree planter's holiday.


  • Event submitted must have been held within past two years
  • Event submission can come from individual, group, organization or community


  • Lasting impact on the community which contributes to ongoing community forestry efforts
  • Celebration is developed as a sustainable event
  • Model for others to emulate
  • Provides innovative and unique approaches to engage multiple audiences in the celebration

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Describe in detail (2 to 3 pages) the answers to the questions below.

  • When was the Arbor Day celebration? (date, month, year)
  • Where was the Arbor Day celebration held?
  • What groups and or organizations participated in the Arbor Day celebration?
  • Describe in detail the celebration; include activities, volunteers, speakers, number of trees planted, number of attendees, sponsors, dignitaries that attended, etc.
  • Was this the first time for this celebration or is this an annual event?
  • If annual event, describe what changes and improvements have been made since the last celebration?
  • How is this celebration used to advance or promote community forestry in your community?