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2006 National Arbor Day Awards

Caroline French Morton Award

Casey Trees Endowment, Washington D.C.

The Casey Tree Endowment was founded in order to improve the tree conditions in Washington D.C., which have continually dwindled since the 1970s. Their Tree Inventory program brings in volunteers that go out into the streets of Washington D.C. to evaluate and plot the location of current trees and scout for possible new tree locations. With a database of information, the endowment can better plan their tree projects.

Casey Trees Endowment also recognizes the need for D.C. residents to be well versed in the basics of tree care, so they developed Citizen Forester and Community Tree Planting programs. The Citizen Forester program takes volunteers and trains them in the areas of tree identification and care so that the volunteer can not only use their newfound skills, but share their knowledge with friends and family. In the Community Tree Planting program, Casey Trees partners with community foresters, neighborhood groups and concerned citizens to organize community tree-planting projects. With their volunteers, the Casey Trees Endowment is working to improve the quality of life in Washington D.C. through attention to the environment.

This year’s winners are: