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2006 National Arbor Day Awards

Advertising & Public Relations Award

Sapling in the City by Denver Digs Trees, Denver, CO

The Park People’s annual Denver Digs program is responsible for over 27,000 trees being planted in Denver. The problem was that the trees seemed to be having problems reaching maturity. This could have been due to a number of factors, including Denver’s location on a high, arid plain and the young trees’ need for special care year-round. To combat this, The Park People’s Program & Outreach Coordinator, Betsy Long set out to resolve tree education issues.

Sapling in the City was developed to help new tree growers learn how to care for their new family addition. The book is an excellent resource for tree owners as it includes a plethora of information. Sapling in the City lets tree owners know the benefits they’re giving to not only their home environment but to the community as well. It also goes through each season and tells what special care the tree might need as well as listing the stages of the life of a tree and telling what the tree needs during those stages. Additionally, the book gives advice on which trees will adapt the best to a Denver environment, special tree care tips specific to Denver, and it lists additional resources the reader can use to get more information. After distributing Sapling in the City, the tree survival rate in Denver increased 10% from 2004 to 2005.

This year’s winners are: