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Benefits of Membership

Wondering whether you have a place in the Alliance for Community Trees Network? Check out the benefits of membership:

users Networking.

Alliance for Community Trees annual peer-to-peer one day conference at the Partners in Community Forestry Conference increases your connection to environmental, political, and community leaders.

Education and training.

Gain access to the latest best practices from across the U.S. through free webcasts, training sessions, and seminars.

newspaper Publications.

The latest policy, research, green jobs, and community awards information—along with local and national tree news—delivered electronically.

Access to scholarships and community awards.

Over the last two years, Alliance for Community Trees has distributed over one-million dollars to members of the network.

National NeighborWoods® Month.

This important public awareness campaign and call to action encourages community involvement through tree planting.

quote A national voice for the value of trees in our communities.

The Alliance for Community Trees Network represents the united voice of hundreds of community tree-planting organizations.