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George & Cathy Korinek

Members Reflect a Love of Trees in Their Wills

When describing the principles that have guided their lives, George and Cathy Korinek of Bloomington, Indiana, point to a love of the natural world.

George & Cathy Korinek

Spending time outdoors, among the trees, is quieting, George says. It's good for the soul.

George, who is retired from management with SBC Communications, Inc., and Cathy, an artist and interior designer, share a life-long appreciation of nature. Both have always found great satisfaction in natural settings, and they instilled this in their two children, now grown, who learned to swim and fish at the family's lakeside cabin. Combining work with fun, the family also planted hundreds of trees both at the cabin and their new home outside Bloomington.

I think it's a genetic predisposition, even a universal human need, to connect with nature, George says. As a young man I always enjoyed forest solitude. Today, the couple's passion for beautiful natural settings governs their choice of travel destinations, including a recent trip to California's Muir Woods. I defy anyone to visit Muir Woods and not be overwhelmed by the magnificence of its ancient redwoods, he adds.

The Korineks want their commitment to environmental stewardship to last beyond their lifetimes. In short, they want their career success and their love of trees to make a difference. To do this, they have generously included the Arbor Day Foundation in their will. If you believe in an organization's mission and have confidence in its vision and leadership, then a planned gift is the ideal choice for promoting that work in perpetuity, George says. Making this contribution to the Arbor Day Foundation gives us a very warm feeling, he adds. It's our way of helping future generations enjoy the same kind of natural beauty we have always known and loved.