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Pamela Chaiet

A Member’s Contribution Reflects Her Love and Connection with Trees

We are responsible for the future. And we are all citizens of the Earth. To live out that commitment I take great pride in supporting the Arbor Day Foundation and its mission of inspiring people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.

Pamela Chaiet

This sense of mission and of giving back is a driving force in the life of Pamela Chaiet of Reston, Virginia, a writer, compassionate human being, and supporter of the causes she believes in—including the Arbor Day Foundation. Pamela says it’s a love of trees and all of the natural world that underlies her vision of a better future.

What the Arbor Day Foundation has accomplished in spreading the love and sense of caring for trees is remarkable, she says, and I want to further the work of the Foundation for future generations.

Trees are vital to us all, she adds. They give beauty, poetry, and so much more. I find it incredible what a powerful learning tool trees can be; planting trees to mark milestones like the birth of a child; showing, through their entire life, how interconnected all life is; and being the very model of what it means to give back to the world around us. Every time I see birds nesting in a tree, or watch the leaves fall back to the Earth, giving their richness to the soil, I appreciate trees. And I appreciate all the Arbor Day Foundation is doing to inspire people to plant and celebrate them.

Pamela says supporting the Foundation as a Legacy Circle Member lets her make her own personal contribution, while becoming a part of something even larger. People are defined by the groups they join, she says. And on the practical level, becoming part of a group lets you accomplish even more, from greater organization to having a stronger, collective voice. I take real pride in my commitment to the Arbor Day Foundation, in being part of a family that is dedicated to saving the Earth.

Much like Pamela, many other members are providing support for continuing the Foundation's mission into the future. Members have included the Arbor Day Foundation in their will, have a life-income arrangement with the Foundation, or have made significant outright gifts or pledges. Your love of trees can also make a lasting difference.