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Leave a Lasting Legacy

With proper planning, you can provide support to the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission beyond your lifetime. It’s a gift that will fund tree planting and conservation programs that will make a positive impact on the earth for generations to come. And there are several ways to give through your estate.

 A Gift in Your Will

Multiple options are available for including the Arbor Day Foundation in your will.

Special Bequest – allows you to discern exactly what you want to leave to a specific organization, great tool for leaving a specific dollar amount or particular asset/piece of real estate

Residuary Bequest – allows you to designate that an organization receive all or a specific portion of the remainder of your estate once all specific bequests and obligations have been paid

Contingent Bequest – allows a gift to be fulfilled if certain conditions are met (e.g., if your primary beneficiary does not survive you, you can select a contingent beneficiary)

In addition to planting trees, your bequest to the Arbor Day Foundation may offer tax savings because it is deductible from your gross estate, providing your estate is large enough to require the filing of a state or federal estate tax return.

To include the Arbor Day Foundation in your will, please ask your attorney to include the following language:

I give __________(specific amount or property, percentage, or residue) to the tax-exempt Arbor Day Foundation, located in Nebraska City, NE, for the purpose of supporting its environmental stewardship programs. (Tax ID 23-7169265)

 Beneficiary Designation

You can also leave remaining funds in your retirement account to the Arbor Day Foundation through two different types of beneficiary designations.

Primary Beneficiary – allows you to name our nonprofit organization as the beneficiary of either a stated percentage or the entire amount of a retirement asset

Contingent Beneficiary – allows you to name the Arbor Day Foundation as the beneficiary of either a stated percentage or the entire amount of a retirement asset, given that the primary beneficiaries do not survive you

To name the Arbor Day Foundation as a beneficiary to your retirement plan, please use the following address:

Arbor Day Foundation
100 Arbor Avenue
Nebraska City, NE 68410
Tax Identification Number: 23-7169265

 Charitable Remainder Trust

This option allows your heirs to receive income for their lifetime(s), and after that point the remainder in the trust or annuity would then be distributed to the Arbor Day Foundation. A qualified financial advisor can talk through how this option could fit your needs and help you set it up.

If you’ve decided to leave a gift to the Arbor Day Foundation, please let us know so that we can express our gratitude and welcome you into our Legacy Circle.


Contact Us at Any Time

Arbor Day Foundation
Gift Planning
211 N 12th St.
Lincoln, NE 68508


Donor Stories

  • Pamela Chaiet

    “What the Arbor Day Foundation has accomplished in spreading the love and sense of caring for trees is remarkable and I want to further the work of the Foundation for future generations.”

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  • Leon & Judy Tupy

    “The place was much more than we expected and our expectations were quite high. We had read about Arbor Day Farm in our member newsletters, but our visit and being there in person was truly inspiring.”

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  • Larry Hobart

    “I like the fact that trees help everybody...the fortunate and the less fortunate. That’s why I make gifts and have a charitable annuity with the Arbor Day Foundation.”

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  • Edward & Lisbeth Fogg

    Throughout their lives, Edward and Lisbeth were dedicated to philanthropic giving. And to ensure that this commitment to generosity continued on long after them, The Edward C. Fogg, II and Lisbeth A. Fogg Charitable Trust was formed.

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