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Helena & David Seiver

Fond Childhood Memories Lead to Gift That Keeps Giving

It is always great to hear about how childhood experiences with trees and the outdoors have provided happy, lasting memories. This was certainly the case with Helena and David Seiver of St. Louis, Missouri. Nature has always been an important part of their lives.

Helena & David Seiver

Helena's childhood was spent in Houston, Texas, with a park across the street that provided an opportunity to play outside. Helena reminisces about such things as building a tree house and how pleasant it was to help her mother in the garden. She recalls with fondness having learned the benefits of nature as her family fished and camped in Colorado. Trees offer a solution to global warming and pollution, says Helena. Both our physical and mental health can be improved with trees.

David grew up in Flint, Michigan. He filled his summers climbing huge pine trees, exploring hiking trails and staying in a cabin in the woods. Trees are so majestic and lovely; they keep us cool in the summer and add beauty in the fall, he says.

Both David and Helena are concerned that today's children are not able to enjoy the same outside opportunities that gave both of them immense joy. This is why they are so pleased with the Arbor Day Foundation's efforts to reconnect children with nature. The Nature Explore program is important as it provides a location for urban children to interact with nature, the Seivers told us.

Because of the Nature Explore program and the many other programs the Arbor Day Foundation offers, the Seivers have decided to include the Foundation in their estate plans. It is a great example for all members and we hope you will consider this, too.