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Margaret Elizares

New Member Creates Living Legacy with Arbor Day Charitable Gift Annuity

Born and raised near Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota, Margaret Elizares played in woods among the sugar maples and learned to love trees and the outdoors as a child.

Margaret Elizares

She carried that love for trees with her when she moved to California in her teens and into adulthood as she became an avid tree planter and environmentalist with a particular interest in redwood trees.

To honor her lifelong love of trees, Margaret has chosen to support the Arbor Day Foundation through an Arbor Day Charitable Gift Annuity, an investment option that she firmly believes in. I am a strong advocate of charitable gift annuities, says Margaret, who enjoys supporting environmental organizations.

Margaret first learned about the Arbor Day Foundation through a recent item in her local newspaper that said she could receive free trees by becoming a member. She joined, and as she learned more about the Foundation and our many programs, like Nature Explore and Rain Forest Rescue, she knew she wanted to support the mission and make a difference.

I was lucky to have a childhood that gave me the opportunity to be outdoors, says Margaret. I've planted many trees over the years and decades... redwoods and oaks and fruit trees. And children need to learn that trees are the lungs of the planet.

Knowledgeable and passionate about the earth, Margaret is proud of the difference she is making toward the future with her contributions to the Foundation. I want to leave something real...something living, she says. With her Arbor Day Charitable Gift Annuity, Margaret is creating a true living legacy that will help create a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations. Through her work as an environmentalist and tree planter, and her ongoing support of the Foundation, Margaret's message is clear: We can all help save the earth by planting more trees.