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Anthea Durón

Memberʼs Charitable Gift Annuity Provides Care for the World She Loves

Anthea Durón is not only a lover of trees and nature, she is a world traveler and a smart business woman. Having spent a good part of her professional career as a travel writer and editor, Ms. Durón has had an opportunity to witness many of the worldʼs natural wonders and diverse habitats.

Anthea Durón

Learning as a young child the beauty and excitement of being outdoors, and walking in the forests with her grandparents, she has made a lifelong connection with nature and the environment.

As Ms. Durón considered her options for charitable contributions and lifetime income, she found a very favorable interest rate with a Arbor Day Foundation charitable gift annuity. I like the fact that Iʼm getting 8.8 percent interest, a tax deduction, and Iʼm supporting the Arbor Day Foundation, says Ms. Durón. They have such a worthwhile mission.

I started with a single charitable gift annuity, and the process went so smoothly that Iʼve done a second, continues Ms. Durón. I just feel good about the fact that Iʼm helping to plant trees in the world, educating young children about nature and the environment, and creating a legacy that will last for many generations to come. The world is so beautiful, and Iʼve seen so many special places, it is our responsibility to do our part to keep it green and healthy.