Join Wyndham, with the Arbor Day Foundation, and support the Two Million Trees Project. Together, Wyndham and the Arbor Day Foundation are helping to restore our nation’s forests to their former splendor and preserving the planet for generations to come.

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Vision and Progress

Wyndham Worldwide is proud to support the Wyndham Million Trees Project so that together we can plant enough trees to make a positive impact toward reducing global climate change. Planting trees helps to cool our communities, save energy in our buildings, while absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Faith Taylor, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Social Responsibility

1,783,055 / 2,000,000

trees donated / goal

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At Wyndham Destinations, we understand that our business activities impact the earth, our resources, and the lives of others. That's why we work hard to conserve resources, preserve natural habitats, and prevent pollution. We invest heavily in sustainable programs and initiatives that provide economic and environmental benefits. Our mission goes beyond building a few green programs. Our mission is to promote a more sustainable way of living and working that's based on our Company's vision and values.