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Programs With Results

Our partner-driven programs are focused on the use of trees as a solution to global issues.

Water Quality

Mississippi Alluvial Valley

This reforestation project is replacing trees along the Mississippi River—trees that will help filter water, reduce contaminants flowing into the river, and help stop erosion.


Helping to restore natural forested watershed will increase the amount of clean drinking water for cities across the country.

Tree City USA

Communities planting and caring for trees will help ensure clean water for residents.

Community Tree Recovery

By replanting community tree canopies after natural disasters, we help re-establish protection from stormwater runoff issues and provide a source for natural water filtration.

Air Quality

Carbon Offsets

Trees planted and cared for through this program will sequester carbon and remove pollutants from the air.

Alliance for Community Trees

This network of volunteer organizations across the country is planting trees to increase air quality, particularly in densely populated urban areas.


Our work with replanting forests across the nation and around the world is helping to ensure better air quality.

Community Tree Recovery

Helping communities replant their urban canopies after natural disasters will ensure that pollutants will continue to be removed from the air for years to come.

Climate Change

Carbon Offsets

By using trees to naturally sequester carbon emissions, we are slowing climate change.

Habitat Projects

By helping to re-establish large portions of rain forest in Madagascar, we are providing lemur habitat and reducing the amount of carbon emissions in the air.


Replanting forests across the nation and around the world is a key component to increasing carbon sequestration and slowing climate change.

Conservation Education

Tree Campus USA

By working with students nationwide, we are teaching the next generation of citizens to recognize the value of trees.

Tree City USA

Tree planting and care education for community members is often a large component of this program.

Alliance for Community Trees

Through work with volunteer organizations across the country, we’re educating the public on the importance of trees.


Arbor Day Foundation Coffee

Farmers growing coffee under the shade of the rain forest are paid a fair wage for their superior product.

Rain Forest Rescue

Local residents are educated on sustainable uses of the rain forest as a source of income, and some earn income by helping with replanting efforts.

International Reforestation

Wolfberry trees are being distributed to impoverished households in China, serving as a stable source of additional income for families.


Rain Forest Rescue Madagascar Project

Citrus trees are being planted as part of the rain forest restoration work in Madagascar to help feed people as well as animals.

Alliance for Community Trees

This program supports community orchards in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods.

Organizations also work with us to offer incentives for their paperless programs and to support our membership program. When people become members of the Arbor Day Foundation, 10 free trees are shipped to them as a thank you. Support from our corporate partners for this program ensures that thousands of trees are planted and cared for by our members.

Our Global Reach

The map below gives you an overview of the areas affected by our programs.

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