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Meet Our Corporate Partnerships Team

Jeff Ashelford
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-2118 email

It’s an honor to be tasked with fostering the impactful corporate relationships that help bring the foundations’ mission to life—all across the globe. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with organizations to discover how the simple act of planting trees can help achieve their sustainability goals and combat many of the global issues facing the world today.

At home, my wife Lauren and I are blessed to two amazing young children and our rambunctious Goldendoodle, Layla.

We enjoy frequent trips to the Rocky Mountains, live music and cheering on our beloved Huskers.”

Favorite tree: Quaking Aspen. Nothing beats their amazing golden fall colors or “quaking” leaves during a slight breeze.

Abbie Eiesenhart
Partner Relationship Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-2038 email

As a Partner Relationship Manager, I have the pleasure of acting as a strategic partner and trusted collaborator to organizations committed to meeting and exceeding their sustainability goals. I take great pride in guiding these partnerships through creative solutions and cohesive plans of action, knowing that my work is helping our planet and everything that calls it home.

My husband, John, and I have two spirited children, Georgette and Samuel, and they like to tell people that I “plant trees all over the world”. We love family movie nights with homemade popcorn and catching fireflies in our backyard on warm summer nights.”

Favorite tree: Eastern redbud. We have four in our backyard, and their bright, purplish-pink flowers in spring are the perfect backdrop to watching Georgie and Sam play.

Zach Kane
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-2039 email

I spend my days forming partnerships with organizations in the northeastern part of the country, helping them to meet and exceed their CSR and sustainability initiatives by working with the Arbor Day Foundation. I am driven by the desire to leave the world better than the one we inherited and relish the opportunity to work with new partners that are focused on conservation and community development.

My wife, Laura, and I are proud parents of two beautiful children. In my spare time, I love to run, cheer on the Yankees, and sing in a barbershop quartet.”

Favorite tree: Baldcypress. It’s pretty cool that they can grow out of—and thrive in—water-logged soil.

Katie Loos
Vice President, Partnerships & Ventures

phone 402-473-9618 email

I get to work with the Corporate Partnerships team to lead the strategic direction, develop individual team members, and help grow the impact of the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission through relationships with corporations. The opportunity to work with outstanding brands and organizations that share our commitment to the environment is undoubtedly what I love about my job. I also love that our work is tangible and can easily connect to anyone.

My husband and I are the proud parents of a son and daughter who keep us endlessly busy. We love being outside with them, biking, running and adventuring.”

Favorite tree: Magnolia Tree. I love nothing more than new blooms that come out on cue each spring, signs of new life, light and spring.

Jeremy Manion
Carbon Development Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-9561 email

I help organizations and people positively impact their climate action goals by using trees and forests to solve local and global sustainable development issues. Specific to the carbon markets, Arbor Day focuses on verified forestry carbon credits and insets via reforestation, afforestation, improved forest management, avoided conversion, and agroforestry.

My mission is to understand societal challenges, bridge divides, and consciously design resilient systems and organizations that advance high-quality jobs, social equality, healthy communities, and environmental stewardship. We can attain this vision by having a positive attitude, building trust and respect, being curious, recognizing our own individual biases, critically thinking about the implications of our actions, using data to improve decision making, and listening to and empathizing with the diverse perspectives of all people.

My wife, Heather, and our dog, Maggie, enjoy vegetable gardening, spending time with family and close friends, hiking in forest preserves, biking the Great Plains Trail Network, practicing yoga and mixed martial arts, and watching the Chicago Cubs and Indiana University Basketball.”

Favorite tree: Bald Cyprus, I love that it is a deciduous conifer and how the sun shines through the leaves…creating an almost neon green glow on a bright, sunny day.

Dan Morrow
Director, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-2119 email

My primary responsibility on the Corporate Partners team is listening to what companies are looking to do in the fields of sustainability, environmental philanthropy, and corporate citizenship. The fun part of my job is taking what I hear and figuring out how the Foundation can fulfill it. We do this in many ways, but it always starts with developing relationships. You'd be surprised how often trees tie to corporate environmental initiatives.

My wife, Lynn, and I are the proud parents of two boys and one girl. We spend most of our time chasing them around the house and laughing with them as they discover the world. I love reading, playing tennis, Minnesota summers, and college football Saturdays.”

Favorite tree: Paper Birch. These trees remind me of my favorite place on earth—northern Minnesota—and all of the family memories that come with it each summer.

Erin Mousel
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-9609 email

As a corporate partnerships manager, I build relationships with the Arbor Day Foundation’s corporate supporters to advance initiatives that support their social responsibility goals and further the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission. My love for animals and protecting their habitat inspired me to join the Foundation in October 2016, and it is rewarding to be in a professional role that connects with my passion.

I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, with my husband, Ryan, and our 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Zulu and Ozzie. I enjoy traveling, hiking, climbing mountains, canyoneering, and cooking.”

Favorite tree: Alerce. They will always hold a special place in my heart from our time spent in Pumalin Park, located in the fjords of Central Chile. It is a truly magical place!

Megan Rice
Development Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-2101 email

As the development coordinator I support our corporate partnerships team by identifying efficiencies, implementing projects, and serving as the liaison between various teams at the Foundation. In my role, I have the privilege of seeing how each person at the Foundation contributes to our mission.

I live just outside of Lincoln where my partner Lukas and I have a farmstead. My love of plants is what inspired me to join the Foundation in June 2018. When I am not in my garden, you will find me traveling, running, or cooking.”

Favorite tree: Mulberry. Every summer I make countless jars of mulberry jam from our tree. This has always felt like the best way to celebrate my trees.

Matt Spitsen
Program Development Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-9548 email

My role at the Arbor Day Foundation is all about the strategy and growth of our tree programs that provide employee engagement opportunities for our corporate partners. I really love coming to work every day because I get to help show businesses how they can simultaneously accomplish their corporate social responsibility, sustainability, marketing, and employee engagement goals through planting trees. It's so impactful to me because these are tree planting and distribution events in communities rebuilding after natural disasters -- or in the backyards of our partners who want to make an impact in their footprint where they live, work, and play.

When I'm not being a self-proclaimed "tree guy," I'm volunteering with various youth nonprofits, traveling to the next National Park on my list, yelling at the TV during a Chicago Blackhawks game, or going on bike rides with my dad.”

Favorite tree: Mediterranean Cypress. Oddly enough, I have loved this tree species ever since I saw the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe years ago. They're beautiful and provide a great, natural fence at your home when grown together in a line.

Megan Trowbridge
Partner Relationship Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-9604 email

In shaping the experience of our partners, I have the privilege of aligning their organizational goals of sustainability and corporate social responsibility to efforts that extend the Arbor Day Foundation mission. I’m fueled daily by conversations centered in bettering our shared communities—local and global—and finding ways to maximize our joint impact.

With a sincere appreciation for dirt, my son would live outdoors if I let him & I love that my work connects with him at such a young age! On a personal level, I love ice cream as much as I love running and treat myself to both daily.”

Favorite tree: Dogwoods. The bright spring blooms are definitely welcomed after long winters! Some will say these trees represent strength and determination as well.

Ben Wilinsky
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-474-5655 email

Building corporate partnerships at the Arbor Day Foundation is a daily affirmation that for-profit organizations can be an incredible force for good in our communities, our countries, and our world. I help our partners discover the countless ways in which trees are the simple solution to so many of the most complex issues facing our planet. I think that I am at my best when I am working to help others succeed- I get to do this every day at the Arbor Day Foundation.

When I’m not talking trees, I enjoy volunteering, reading, cycling, cheering on Kansas City sports teams, and playing with my dog Norman.”

Favorite tree: Plains Cottonwood. Growing up with cottonwoods on the Great Plains, they now remind me of home. Historically, cottonwoods were colorful signs of life, water, and hope for American settlers during westward expansion. The cottonwood tree: colorful, useful and homey.

Refer to the map below to see which team member serves new partnerships in your area.


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