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Meet Our Corporate Partnerships Team

Zach Kane
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-2039 email

I spend my days forming partnerships with organizations in the northeastern part of the country, helping them to meet and exceed their CSR and sustainability initiatives by working with the Arbor Day Foundation. I am driven by the desire to leave the world better than the one we inherited and relish the opportunity to work with new partners that are focused on conservation and community development.

My wife, Laura, and I are proud parents of our son, Theo. In my spare time, I love to run, cheer on the Yankees, and sing in a barbershop quartet.”

Favorite tree: baldcypress. It’s pretty cool that they can grow out of—and thrive in—water-logged soil.

Dan Morrow
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-2119 email

My primary responsibility on the Corporate Partners team is listening to what companies are looking to do in the fields of sustainability, environmental philanthropy, and corporate citizenship. The fun part of my job is taking what I hear and figuring out how the Foundation can fulfill it. We do this in many ways, but it always starts with developing relationships. You'd be surprised how often trees tie to corporate environmental initiatives.

My wife, Lynn, and I are the proud parents of two young boys. We spend most of our time chasing them around the house and laughing with them as they discover the world. I love reading, playing tennis, Minnesota summers, and college football Saturdays.”

Favorite tree: paper birch. These trees remind me of my favorite place on earth—northern Minnesota—and all of the family memories that come with it each summer.

Jeff Ashelford
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-2118 email

It’s an honor to be tasked with fostering the impactful corporate relationships that help bring the foundations’ mission to life—all across the globe. It’s incredibly rewarding to work with organizations to discover how the simple act of planting trees can help achieve their sustainability goals and combat many of the global issues facing the world today.

At home, my wife Lauren and I are blessed to two amazing young children and our rambunctious Goldendoodle, Layla.

We enjoy frequent trips to the Rocky Mountains, live music and cheering on our beloved Huskers.”

Favorite tree: quaking aspen. Nothing beats their amazing golden fall colors or “quaking” leaves during a slight breeze.

Erin Mousel
Manager, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-9609 email

As a corporate partnerships manager, I build relationships with the Arbor Day Foundation’s corporate supporters to advance initiatives that support their social responsibility goals and further the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission. My love for animals and protecting their habitat inspired me to join the Foundation in October 2016, and it is rewarding to be in a professional role that connects with my passion.

I live in Lincoln, Nebraska, with my husband, Ryan, and our 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Zulu and Ozzie. I enjoy traveling, hiking, climbing mountains, canyoneering, and cooking.”

Favorite tree: alerce. They will always hold a special place in my heart from our time spent in Pumalin Park, located in the fjords of Central Chile. It is a truly magical place!

Amy Bodfield
Implementation Manager

phone 402-437-2101 email

In my role as implementation manager, I serve as the daily contact for our partners and supporters—managing the fulfillment of our programs and projects from the beginning and growing long-term relationships. It is a pleasure to work with so many amazing people from across the country, and to know I am a part of something so much bigger than myself is truly a tree-mendous reward.

My husband, Jamie, and I have two fabulous boys, and we enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling to see national parks and forests, and, of course, cheering on our beloved Huskers all year long.”

Favorite tree: october glory maple. Their array of fall colors reminds me of Nebraska sunsets.

Amy Ossian
Partner Relationship Manager

phone 402-473-9604 email

I have the great pleasure of providing service to many of our existing corporate partners. I often say I have the best job in the world because I help companies to meet their sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals and spend my time building relationships with the people in these companies who care about making a difference in the world.

When I am not helping save the world by planting trees, I like to spend time with my husband, David, and my kids, Caitlin and Liam.”

Favorite tree: yoshino cherry. I planted two of these trees in the backyard of my first house and watched them grow alongside our family.

Katie Loos
Director, Corporate Partnerships

phone 402-473-9618 email

I get to work with the Corporate Partnerships team to lead the strategic direction, develop individual team members, and help grow the impact of the Arbor Day Foundation’s mission through relationships with corporations. The opportunity to work with outstanding brands and organizations that share our commitment to the environment is undoubtedly what I love about my job. I also love that our work is tangible and can easily connect to anyone.

My 2-year-old son calls me a Tree Rescuer…I love how his mind has connected to what I do every day.”

Favorite tree: flowering cherry. I love nothing more than new blooms that come out on cue each spring, signs of life and spring.

Refer to the map below to see which team member serves new partnerships in your area.


Jeff Ashelford Dan Morrow Zach Kane

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