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Engaged Employees Making a Difference in Your Community

Today simply engaging employees — particularly millennials — on a basic level is not enough. This workforce expects enriching experiences beyond the confines of their workspaces. They want to be part of organizations committed to making a difference and supporting employees as they look to do the same.

Trees Can Make It Happen

Together, you can get your hands dirty (literally) doing something meaningful together … planting trees in forests, fulfilling the need for community trees, or inspiring your employees to become tree planters.


Immerse your team in the powerful force of trees, whether through tree planting or a tour. More...


Your employees can plant trees in communities or distribute trees to homeowners in the wake of a natural disaster. More...


Inspire your staff to plant trees in their own yards, spreading the immense benefits of trees to their neighborhoods. More...

A Deeper Level of Engagement

Today’s workforce wants to be part of an organization committed to making a difference and supporting employees as they look to do the same. According to the Imperative Workforce Index, employees who work for purpose-oriented companies experience:

  • 20% longer tenure
  • 50% greater likelihood to hold a leadership position
  • 47% greater likelihood to serve as company advocates

Because of this, it’s more important than ever to connect people with purpose in the workplace. As your organization develops initiatives to meet corporate social responsibility and sustainability goals, consider how you can engage your employees in these efforts in more meaningful ways.

Seamless Support Across the Country

With a network of partners spanning the U.S., we are uniquely positioned to facilitate an event near you. Check out the map below to get an idea of our reach.

This is the Time

Together we can green our world, provide powerful experiences for your employees, and plant a better future for all of us. Complete the form below to connect with us today.