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Inspire Your People to Plant Trees

When planting trees, it’s your people who are truly making a difference — and these positive environmental impacts wouldn’t be possible without them. We would love to share our mission with your employees through our planting projects around the world.

Although in planting, nurturing, and celebrating trees, all our work doesn’t have to be done in-person. The Arbor Day Foundation offers unique ways to engage employees outside of tree planting:

  • Reforestation competitions
  • Employee fundraisers
  • Gift trees for employee celebrations

Your employees can experience the mission and environmental value of trees without planting them.

Wondering what your planting project could look like?

See how Procter and Gamble incorporates forestry practices into their business, inspiring their employees through tree planting along the way.

Plan Your Engagement Event Today

The Arbor Day Foundation will seamlessly take care of all the details as we organize events and provide in-depth reporting to help you understand the return on your investment — in terms of environmental impact and enriched employee experience.

This is the Time

Together we can green our world, provide powerful experiences for your employees, and plant a better future for all of us. Complete the form below to connect with us today.