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Plant Trees in Forests

Forest are vital to life as we know it. They filter our air and water, absorb carbon to slow the rate of climate change, provide important habitat for wildlife, and much more.

Your organization can engage employees in critical efforts to revitalize forests across the country and around the globe, ensuring that they continue to provide these life-giving benefits.

Potentials for employee enrichment include:

  • A tree planting experience that would allow them a hands-on experience that provides training from forest service professionals and all necessary tools.
  • A forest visit that would allow them to connect with nature, learn about the life-giving benefits of trees while standing amid them, and see important tree planting efforts in action.

Wondering what your planting project could look like?

Philadelphia Insurance Company rallied their employees around a recent replanting project outside of Bastrop, Texas.

See the Impact of Replanting in Forests Affected by Wildfires

Plan Your Engagement Event Today

The Arbor Day Foundation will seamlessly take care of all the details as we organize events and provide in-depth reporting to help you understand the return on your investment — in terms of environmental impact and enriched employee experience.

This is the Time

Together we can green our world, provide powerful experiences for your employees, and plant a better future for all of us. Complete the form below to connect with us today.