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Identify your Trees and Shrubs


Your trees are painted with tree-safe paint to help you identify which is which. Your trees are shipped with an identification sheet. If you've misplaced your identification sheet view it below.

Identify Your Trees by Paint Color:

Note: Some species are painted the same color … if you're unsure of the species included in your package, please reference the Tree Package # identification directly below.

Identify Your Trees by Identification Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the gel-like substance around the roots of my tree seedlings?

    That substance is hydrating gel that ensures that your tree seedlings remain hydrated as they ship from our nursery to you. The substance is a product called terrasorb and is non-toxic. You will want to soak your tree in water for 3-6 hours prior to planting them (these instructions are also in your planting guide that is enclosed with your order). Do NOT soak the trees overnight.
  • What size of hole do I need to dig when I’m planting my trees?

    For baby seedlings, you should dig one hole per tree, 2 ½ feet or more apart. Dig each hole as deep as the tree roots are long so that the top-most root is covered by an inch of soil. The roots should lie naturally and be given enough room so that they can easily spread out. If you are transplanting your trees to their permanent location, the hole should be wider than necessary and the soil turned a foot deep in an area of up to five feet in diameter to aid in root growth. Your trees should also be planted much further apart. You can also find more detailed planting instructions here.
Tree Package

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