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What Members are Saying…

  • I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful prices and the quality of the trees you have sent me. I am very impressed with everything I have received from you this year. I am new to the Arbor Day Foundation and plan to renew my membership for years to come.

    Rebecca Brashear
  • It has been very amazing to see these ‘sticks’ grow into wonderful trees. Thank you for offering these great trees at a very affordable price. Thank you also for the wonderful service that you provide to our earth.

    Janet Dietrich
  • I donated about 8 years ago. You should see my 10 beautiful free trees now.

    Josephine J. Usina
  • My 10 free white dogwood trees came as plain sticks about 12 inches long, looking nothing like trees at all. Three years later, they were all about 3 feet tall. I now have 10 tall, healthy trees growing in my yard. Thank you again for sending them.

    Ronald Yergey
  • Sometimes it is hard to imagine that little stick you get in the mail has the potential to become a real, majestic tree, but it certainly does.

    Barbara Moore
  • When I received my trees (sticks), they were so small and really hard to tell apart. I followed all the directions and was amazed how fast the little sticks grew. I’m really glad I got my trees from the Arbor Day Foundation. Thanks.

    Renee DeShane
  • What a pleasure it has been to witness these trees grow from little dormant, bare-root seedlings into vibrant, lush trees.

    Seth Lane