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Forged Long-Handled
Jr. Garden Tools

Giving young gardeners & diggers the right tools for the job

These are the heavy-duty, real thing. Made out of the same materials as "grown-up" models, these tools encourage children to enjoy gardening, spend active time in nature and are perfectly sized for smaller gardeners.

The heads and sockets are forged for exceptional strength from a single piece of steel, and securely attached to the Ash shaft, resulting in a durable, longer-lasting tool. Features solid forged heads on Fork and Spade. Made in England. Use with adult supervision; recommended for children 10 and up.

Top Left: Digging Fork - 32 ½" L x 5 ¼" W
Top Right: Digging Spade - 32 ½" L x 5 ¼" W
Bottom Left: Dutch Hoe - 34" L x 3 ¾" W
Bottom Right: Garden Rake - 31" L x 5 ¾" W

Item # Price Item Qty.
5560 $54.00 Jr. Digging Fork
5559 $39.00 Jr. Digging Spade
5558 $23.00 Jr. Dutch Hoe
5557 $25.00 Jr. Garden Rake
5561 $129.00 Jr. Garden Tools, set of all 4
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