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Outdoor Instruments inspire creativity & musical expression

The 11-key Akambira is derived from an African Xylophone. This instrument is set up much like a Kalimba or thumb drum with the lowest pitched key located in the center.

All keys are crafted of dense ipé wood, legs of weather resistant cedar, hardware of stainless/galvanized steel and resonators of aluminum. Keys then alternate left and right to move up the C major pentatonic scale. Includes one (1) pair of #4256 Akambira Mallets.

Assembly and permanent installation is required.

Short 41" L x 12" W x 21" H
Tall 41" L x 12" W x 30" H

Please allow up to 4 weeks to ship.

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Item # Price Item Qty.
4273 $1,395.00 Akambira, Short
5591 $1,395.00 Akambira, Tall
4256 $25.00 Akambira Mallets, pair
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