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The Organic Lawn Care Manual

A Natural, Low-Maintenance System for a Beautiful, Safe Lawn by Paul Tukey

This book provides an easy-to-read, comprehensive approach to organic lawn care maintenance that is both environmentally responsible and economical. It's a great tool for staff members that plan or maintain your outdoor space, landscape designers and homeowners looking to "just say no to lawn drugs".

Beginning with an evaluation of your lawn care needs, the ins and outs of grass anatomy and soil, you'll start your journey to organic lawn care planning and maintenance on solid ground.

Additional chapters explore groundcover alternatives, choosing species vs. cultivars, how to install and patch turf grass, what weeds can teach you, best watering practices, mowing and much more. It's all here—everything you need to create an inviting and chemical-free turf grass area for all ages.

271 pages. Paperback (2007).

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