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2016 Restoration Projects

Pike National Forest

South Platte Ranger District

Project Highlights

  • April 2016 planting timeline
  • 20,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • Revisiting a project that Enterprise supported in our first year of partnership (2006)
  • 5th year working on Pike National Forest, providing more than 350,000 trees to date

Ongoing efforts are being made to replant the more than 138,000 acres of Pike National Forest lost to the Hayman Fire of 2002. The newly planted trees will help to reestablish critical habitat and protect the Upper South Platte Watershed.

Bastrop State Park

Bastrop, TX

Project Highlights

  • November–February planting timeline
  • 250,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • 4th year planting in Bastrop State Park
  • Planting our one millionth tree this year in Texas

In 2011, devastating wild fires destroyed more than 32,000 acres of land in central Texas. Bastrop State Park was badly affected by the fire, with 96 percent of the state park burned at high severity. We are working diligently on a five-year replanting effort to help bring back the loblolly trees unique to this area.

Goethe, Myakka and Etoniah Creek State Forests

Levy, Sarasota and Putnam Counties, FL

Project Highlights

  • January 2016 planting timeline
  • 200,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • 5th year planting in Florida State Forests
  • Now more than 1 million trees supported in the state of Florida

Work in these three state forests is focused on restoring longleaf and slash pine communities and critical Florida watersheds. These pines provide cover and a food source for the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, in addition to serving as useful habitat for other wildlife.

Lake Superior State Forest

Luce County, MI

Project Highlights

  • May 2016 planting timeline
  • 200,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • 6th year providing habitat for the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler
  • More than 1.4 million trees planted by Enterprise in the state of Michigan

In 2012, the Duck Lake Fire consumed more than 21,000 acres of forested land spanning an 11-mile stretch along the Lake Superior shore line. We are working to restore the area and provide much-needed habitat for the endangered Kirtland’s Warbler.

Lassen National Forest

Hat Creek Ranger District

Project Highlights

  • April 2016 planting timeline
  • 100,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • Enterprise has supported 8 different national forests in the state of California
  • Support for more than 2 million trees on federal lands in the state

Large portions of Lassen National Forest in California were burned at high severity in the 2012 Reading Fire. Because the high intensity of the fire left much of the land unable to naturally regenerate, our help is needed to return the area to its natural forested state.

Santa Fe National Forest

Jemez Ranger District

Project Highlights

  • July–August 2016 planting timeline
  • 20,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • First Enterprise project in the state of New Mexico
  • Planting 100 acres with ponderosa pine seedlings

In 2011, the Las Conchas Fire burned its way through 156,000 acres of Santa Fe National Forest and a ected the water source for the city of Santa Fe. Trees are needed to help replant the area and provide protection and ltration for this important watershed.

Landes Forest of Western Europe

Southwestern France

Project Highlights

  • Spring 2016 planting timeline
  • 50,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • First project in France
  • Working alongside our new partner, Reforestaction

The Klaus Storm of 2009 produced 134-mile-per-hour winds that devastated 60% of the Landes Forest in southwestern France. The area is in desperate need of replanting to return the land to its natural state.

Leipzig Administrative District

Eastern Germany

Project Highlights

  • April 2016 planting timeline
  • 10,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • Enterprise’s 4th year working with our partner, SDW
  • To date, 80,000 trees have been put in the ground in Germany

Formerly serving as a site for coal mining, Germany’s Leipzig Administrative District is entirely devoid of trees. The work done to replant this land will ultimately protect the area watershed.

Long Plain First Nation Reserve

Manitoba, Canada

Project Highlights

  • May–June and September–October 2016 planting timeline
  • 40,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • Enterprise has planted in Canada every year of our 11-year partnership
  • More than 800,000 trees planted in Canada since 2006

The replanting e orts in the Long Plain First Nation Indian Reserve are to provide permanent tree cover on areas interspersed throughout the reserve. e new forestland will o er recreational and spiritual opportunities for the Long Plain community in addition to the environmental bene ts they provide.

Sierra de Gredos Mountain Range of Spain

Near Puerto Del Pico, Spain

Project Highlights

  • January–February 2016 planting timeline
  • 10,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • First project in Spain
  • New partner on the ground in Spain: Bosques Sostenibles

A 2009 forest fire burned at high intensity through more than 4,000 acres of the Sierra de Gredos mountain range, adversely affecting multiple neighboring communities. Our help is needed to replant the area and return it to the majestic mountain range it once was.

United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Multiple UK and Northerm Ireland Sites

Project Highlights

  • Winter 2016 planting timeline
  • 100,000 trees funded by Enterprise
  • 9th year planting in the U.K., 2nd year specifically in Northern Ireland
  • More than 600,000 trees planted to date in the U.K.

Our work will continue throughout the United Kingdom to plant on barren sites in need of tree cover. e goal is to create new woodland in one of the least-forested countries in Europe.

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