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Forestry Carbon Projects

Our diverse network of project partners — located in the United States and around the globe — ensures that we can help you meet your sustainability goals and improve our planet.


We partner with GreenTrees® to restore degraded agricultural lands back to their original and highly beneficial forest ecosystem in the lower Mississippi River Valley. To date, the Arbor Day Foundation, our corporate partners, and our members helped to fund the planting of 4.8 million trees on the GreenTrees® project. GreenTrees® is the largest reforestation program in North America with more than 120,000 acres of trees planted with its 500 landowner partners, producing over 1,000,000 metric tons annually on The American Carbon Registry. GreenTrees® was awarded the prestigious Innovation Award in 2018 for the successful and scaled results to date.

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Our partnership with Ecotierra takes a holistic landscape-based approach for Latin American communities and integrates reforestation, agroforestry, conservation, and improved forest management to revitalize degraded landscapes. The Café Selva Norte project is the first of several large-scale agroforestry projects in Latin America. The introduction of circular, agroforestry systems rooted in shade-grown crops, such as cocoa and coffee, allows smallholder farmers to convert their deforested and underperforming parcels into fair-trade, organic-certified parcels. At the project level, these practices diversify and remove risk in the production of carbon credits. At the landowner level, this strategy ensures diversified, steady income streams to incentivize sustainable land practices.

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Taking Root

The Arbor Day Foundation works with Taking Root through their CommuniTree program. The focus is on tropical reforestation in Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in the Americas. This program works directly with small-scale farm families to create financial security and build sustainable livelihoods. We are creating opportunities for valuable new sources of income for rural communities through verified carbon credits, local forest enterprises, and agroforestry products.

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Natural Capital Partners

We partner with Natural Capital Partners to source forestry carbon credits from a wide range of high-quality international forestry projects, like REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation). Additionally, when an Arbor Day Foundation partner has carbon credit needs outside of forestry, we collaborate with them to build a portfolio of carbon credit and sustainable development solutions. The Foundation and Natural Capital Partners also work to catalyze carbon credit investments by layering in non-market based forest restoration opportunities in addition to carbon credits.

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City Forest Credits

Our partnership with City Forest Credits integrates urban forests into the carbon market. These projects provide carbon credits as well as other qualified benefits for storm water run-off and energy savings for urban tree planting and preservation projects while helping cities fund investments in healthy urban tree canopies.

Read more about this project.
To learn more about how verified forestry carbon credits can be a valuable part of your corporate sustainable development plan, please contact our team at .