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Types of Forestry Projects

Today, there are three forestry options available for verified carbon credits: afforestation/reforestation, improved forest management, and avoided conversion. Below are more specific opportunities for you to weave tree-based carbon reduction into your sustainability plan.

Improved Forest Management
  • Afforestation

    Creating forests on land that was previously un-forested.

  • Reforestation

    Restoring forests on land that was once forested.

  • Avoided Conversion

    Preventing the loss of existing forests to nonforest use by protecting or enhancing the forest cover.

  • Improved Forest Management

    Quantifying the greenhouse gas removals generated from preventing logging of forests that would have been logged in the absence of purchasing the forestry carbon credit.

  • Carbon Microtransactions

    Using blockchain technology to give consumers the option to offset the carbon lifecycle for a product and/or the shipping footprint when using e-commerce.

  • Insetting

    Making direct investments in an organization’s supply chain to boost resiliency and minimize disruption with verified emissions reductions and other Shared Benefits.

  • Urban Forestry Carbon Credits

    Receiving carbon credits and other quantified benefits (stormwater runoff, energy savings, etc.) for urban tree planting while helping cities fund investments in healthy urban tree canopies.

  • Carbon + Trees

    With our partners, we are looking at new project models to scale up the size of forestry projects by combining verified carbon credits and additional tree planting.

  • Blue Carbon

    Carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems like mangroves and seaside wetlands.

To learn more about how verified forestry carbon credits can be a valuable part of your corporate sustainable development plan, please contact our team at .