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CommuniTree Carbon Program

Project Type: Afforestation/Reforestation and Agroforestry
Country: Nicaragua
Standard: Plan Vivo, Registry Documents
Project Video:

As one of the poorest countries in the Americas, Nicaragua faces many challenges — one being protecting its forests. Small-scale farming families here are facing significant barriers that prevent them from economically benefitting from planting and maintaining trees on their farms, including:

  • No access to capital at an affordable interest rate.
  • Lack of access to technical know-how for advanced production techniques and market requirements.
  • Diseconomies of scale, forcing them to work through intermediaries who then absorb most of the profit margin.

Key Project Impacts

  • Over $4,000,000 invested in communities
  • Over 3,500 jobs created annually
  • Over 3,500,000 trees planted
  • Over 500,000 metric tons of CO2 stored
  • Over 10 years of work

This leads to a reliance on short-term solutions that are detrimental to the environment as well as the long-term success of their farms. They are clearing forests for cattle grazing and immediate agricultural need because there’s no incentive to invest in reforestation or protect current forest areas.

The Arbor Day Foundation is working with Taking Root through its CommuniTrees program to change this pattern. Together, we’re helping to build financial security and sustainable livelihoods by reforesting previously underused land.

These forests create valuable new sources of income for rural communities through verified carbon credits, local forest enterprises, and agroforestry products. Beyond supporting the local community, the forests contain a rich biodiversity, with more than 100 native tree species, tropical birds, and numerous ground animals. This program is empowering communities while establishing thriving, biodiverse habitats designed to store carbon. And because of Taking Root’s unique technology, this project provides unparalleled transparency in its environmental and social impacts.

This project actively supports the following Global Goals for Sustainable Development:

To learn more about how verified forestry carbon credits can be a valuable part of your corporate sustainable development plan, please contact our team at .