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Offset What You Can’t Reduce Through Trees

There are many ways to offset your carbon usage. We believe the optimal methods involve trees. As humans, we have an emotional and intuitive connection the them, but it goes so much deeper than that. Trees are perhaps the simplest and most effective answer to the climate issues we are facing on a global level.

By offsetting your carbon footprint through trees, you are not only helping to slow climate change, though. You are helping to provide other necessities of life at a time when they are at risk. Trees filter pollutants out of the air and water. They protect us from dangerous heat and flooding, lower urban temperatures, and reduce energy use. Resources from forests help to keep people out of extreme poverty. Green environments encourage physical activity, improve cognitive ability, and reduce stress. And trees bring communities together.

With all of these benefits, trees are improving our planet as a whole while sequestering your carbon emissions.

We cannot solve the issue of climate change without restoring our forests globally.

Forests and trees are not the only way to solve complex local and global issues. However, trees may be the simplest solution.

Offset Your Carbon Today